The Association shall be known as the Oxford and District Anglers Association here in after referred to as the ODAA or the Association


The ODAA shall be constituted of angling clubs who apply to the Association for affiliation and are accepted by the Delegates.


The objectives of the ODAA shall be:

control waters for the use of its members.




The Headquarters shall be at the Six Bells, Kidlington where the Annual General Meeting shall be held. Ordinary meetings shall be either at Headquarters

 or at such other place that the Delegates may from time to time decide.




The Officers shall manage the affairs of the Association. They are President, Vice-President, Chairperson, Treasurer, Secretary, Competition Match Secretary,

Senior Water Bailiff, Fisheries Booking Officer plus up to six Delegates from the affiliated Clubs or Societies.




The ODAA shall take no part in the affairs of individual Clubs or Society’s within the Association, but may lend assistance if so required.


At all Delegates Meetings in order to facilitate the conduct of the meeting, Members shall at all times address the meeting through the chair. The Chairperson

shall allow reasonable time for general discussion following which, once a motion has been put and seconded, general discussion shall cease, and members shall confine their remarks to the motion only. Only the person that proposed the motion shall have the right to reply.


A Delegate may call for a per capita vote before any vote taking place affecting the constitution. The Chairperson must grant the request, and a two-thirds

majority of all votes cast will be required to effect any change.


The Secretary of the Association shall provide the rules of the Association on request to any member or member club.





If at any General meeting of the Association, a resolution be passed calling for the dissolution of the Association, the secretary shall immediately convene

 a Special General Meeting of the Association to be held not less than one month thereafter to discuss and vote on the resolution.

If at that Special General Meeting the resolution is carried by at least two thirds of the full Members present at the meeting, the General Committee shall

thereupon, or at such date as shall be have been specified in the resolution, proceed to release the assets of the Association and discharge all debts and liabilities

of the Association.

After discharging all debts and liabilities of the Association, the remaining assets shall not be paid or distributed amongst the Full Members of the Association,

but shall be given or transferred to some other voluntary organisation having objects similar to those of the Association.




1. Per Capita Subscription

The membership rate chargeable for each senior member of affiliated clubs is:

Senior Members………………£5



2. Joining/Rejoining fee

New Clubs joining the Association will pay £20.00 towards administration costs. Clubs rejoining the ODAA within 5 years will pay no fee.


3. Peg Fees


Member clubs                                                  £3.00


Non-member clubs                                        £4.00


ODAA Match Entry                                        £4.00


Short KO                                                           £0.00


Day Tickets                                                        £5.00     on the bank        £8.00




1.    Each affiliated club or society will pay a per capita levy on all senior members (minimum of10) per annum. The amount of which will be agreed at the Annual General Meeting. This levy must be paid to the Treasurer of the Association by the 30th April each year, or membership will be suspended pending payment.

2.    All members of an affiliated club or society will be individual members of the Association.

3.    Each affiliated club or society may send two members to the Delegates Meeting, but shall normally have only one vote (see rule 5) and shall have a voting card at every meeting. Officers of the Association may attend as delegates. The Chairperson shall have the casting vote.

4.    Delegates meetings will normally be held on the 3rd Monday of February, April, June, August, October and December.

5.    A Delegate may call for a per capita vote, before any vote takes place, on issues affecting finance. The Chairman must grant the request, and a two-thirds majority of all votes cast: (by at least 30% of member clubs) will be required to effect any change. The number of votes allocated to each club in such vote shall be the amount last paid by the club for membership.

6.    At least 50% of the named officers of the Association together with at least 33% of affiliated clubs and societies shall form a quorum at a Delegates Meeting or Annual General Meeting.

7.    Any member of an affiliated club or society who has not reached his/her 17th Birthday 1st April in any year shall be considered a junior member for the season starting on that date.

8.    Each club or society must issue its members with its own club card or permit to provide identification to Association Bailiffs. A specimen card must be submitted to the Secretary each season for Association records.

9.    No club or society shall be accepted as a member of the Association having been in existence for less than 2 years, except professional bodies of companies, where the Delegates, on the recommendation of the committee, can consider application.

10. The Treasurer shall receive all monies and all payments authorised by the Committee, and keep proper accounts of same, and present an audited balance sheet at the Annual General Meeting. The Treasurer and one other officer shall sign cheques. All accounts shall be in the name of the Association.

11.  The accounts of the Association shall be audited annually by 2 auditors selected for that purpose at the Annual General Meeting.

12. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt any person or persons as deemed necessary to the Committee.

13. All officers shall seek re-election annually except the President who shall be elected for an indefinite period until either: (a) the President wishes to resign, or (b) the Association wishes to replace the President.

14. The Committee shall meet on alternating months to the Delegates Meeting, or as shall be deemed necessary.

15.  Minutes of the Committee decisions shall be kept and reported on to the Delegates Meeting, where their decisions shall, if necessary, be ratified.

16. The Committee shall have no power to alter or amend the Rules or Constitution, but the Committee will be able to put forward proposals for alterations to the Rules and Constitution for consideration at the Annual General Meeting. Such proposals must be placed before the Delegates at their meeting in October.

17. The Trustees shall be indemnified out of the assets of the Association against any risk or expense incurred by them in pursuance of their office.

18. The Annual General Meeting shall be held at the Association Headquarters on, where practical, the third Monday in January each year.

19. Motions for consideration at the Annual General Meeting shall be in the hands of the Secretary in writing, on or before the October Delegates Meeting prior to the Annual General Meeting. The Secretary shall circulate the appropriate agenda to the Secretaries of all affiliated clubs or societies and all Association Officers not less than 28 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. Any amendments to said motions must be received 35 days prior to the Annual General Meeting. 

20.Officers of the Association shall be allowed to make proposals for consideration by the Delegates at the Annual General Meeting, but must present them to the Delegates at their meeting in October prior to the Annual General Meeting. The President shall not be allowed to make proposals for consideration at an Annual General Meeting, or Delegates meetings.

21. In order to call an Extraordinary General meeting, a written motion endorsed by at least 3 affiliated clubs or societies must be sent to the Secretary at least 28 days prior to the intended meeting. It is anticipated that such a meeting would be held on the date already reserved for the next Delegates Meeting.

22. Each affiliated club or society may include all Association controlled waters in their permits, and said waters will be available for their members use except when waters have been booked for matches. Water bookings will take effect from one minute past midnight on the day of the water booking and last until the match is completed (by action such as the booking club calling “all out”) Clubs organising matches must note that ‘Night Fishing’ is not allowed on ODAA waters except where individual night fishing permits have been issued by the Committee.

23. No night fishing is allowed on any ODAA waters

24. Bloodworm and joker are banned from use on all ODAA waters from 15th March to 30th September inclusive.

25. Each water booking shall commence at 00.01hrs and end at 23.59hrs. Clubs or societies must indicate the approximate number of pegs required at the time of booking

26. Each member club or society attending 3 Delegates Meetings plus the Annual General Meeting will be eligible to make 3 free bookings on ODAA waters per season.

27. Each member club or society may make further bookings on Association waters on payment of a reduced peg fee.

28.New member clubs or societies or established clubs or societies may make additional bookings on ODAA waters on payment of a reduced peg fee.

29. Water bookings (one year in advanced) can be made at the Delegates Meeting following the Annual General Meeting. All clubs or societies eligible to free water bookings shall be entered into a draw. A maximum of 3 free bookings. First visit book 2 matches then in reverse order, book 1 match.

30.No affiliated club or society may book 2 venues on the same day without the approval of the committee.

31. Non-free entitlement bookings. Affiliated clubs and societies may book Association waters for matches against other clubs or societies who are not affiliated to the Association at the discretion of the committee and on payment of a reduced peg fee by competitors of the invited club.

32. The Senior Bailiff shall have the power to appoint bailiffs as and when it is felt necessary. Bailiffs shall be provided with a proper form of identification. All members of the Association will be expected to bailiff the association waters.

33. All monies accruing from the sale of match tickets shall be retained for Association finance, and paid to the Treasurer with appropriate paper work.

34. All Association matches shall start promptly at the time stated regardless of whether every angler is in attendance or ready to commence fishing.

35. Peg marker’s used on association waters must carry the name of club, society or league organising the competition.

36. If it is proved at any time, to the satisfaction of the Committee, that a member or member club has acted in any way detrimental to the interests of the association, the Committee shall report the matter to the next Delegates Meeting.

37. Day tickets can be sold on the bank on ODAA waters at the discretion of the committee.

38.Definition of a match. A match shall be defined by any one of the following three conditions met: 1) Six or more people.  2) Pegged down or rover   3) Weighed in.

39. No fish to be removed from ODAA waters. This wording is to appear on all affiliated clubs’ permits.

40.Match competitors are responsible for ensuring that their peg is clear of litter and no competitor may have his catch weighed in who has litter lying on the banks of his swim. Any angler leaving litter at his peg shall be disqualified. This includes peg numbers.

41. All species to count in matches with the exception of game fish, pike and zander.

42. Interpretation of the rules or any ruling made on any aspect of any match shall be made at a delegates meeting, all rulings are final.





Match Rules

1. Association matches shall be confined strictly to members of fully paid member clubs of the Oxford & District Anglers Association.

2. All matches will be pegged down and pegs shall be not less than eighteen yards apart. Competitors may proceed to their pegs once they have drawn their peg number, buy they shall neither break nor disturb the water, other than to place their keepnet, prepare bait(E.g.: groundbait), test their float and plumb the depth, until the signal to start is given. On no account must a feeder be used to plumb the depth.

3. Each competitor must stay within one yard of his peg number. His swim shall extend from a point directly opposite his peg to a point one yard above the next peg downstream. Competitors may wade providing the water does not extend above his knees or he can touch the bank with one hand.

4. Competitors must use only one rod, one line and one hook at any one time, but spare rods may be taken, and made ready for use.

5. Any bait may be used, with the exception of spinning baits, live or dead fish and artificial bait. (Bloodworm & Joker banned 15th March to 30th September inclusive).

6. Keepnets must be used, and these must be not less than 2 metres in length, and circular nets must not be less than 35 centimetres in diameter.

 Rectangular nets shall be not less than 40 x 30 centimetres; all fish shall be returned to the water after weighing them in. Any competitor (or officer of the day) can have fish weighed and returned to the water during the match if they think that to place them in a net will cause them undue injury or distress. 

7. The signal to commence and to cease fishing will be given by the captain of the day, the competition secretary, or by any competitor who is directed to do so.

8. A point’s competition will be run on Association Individual Matches. This will be known as the Presidents points’ competition and will be fished each season over the following five matches: City Supporters, Bustin Trophy, George Greenwood Shield, Bridgewater Cup and Walt Bradbury Cup. Points will be allocated as follows: Each match, to the winner, 20 pts, runner up 19pts, third place man 18pts, and so on. Each angler who weighs in will be awarded a point, even if he finishes below twentieth place. In the event of a tie at the end of the series the angler with the highest weight over the series of five matches shall be deemed the winner.

9. The member clubs may enter teams in those matches listed as team matches under rule 18. All entries for team matches must be in the hands of the Competition secretary no later than the Thursday immediately before the match concerned. Any club may enter more teams if the total number of pegs is not taken. Teams shall not nominate their own section. This shall be determined by a separate draw by the Competition Secretary. Pools sheets will be available before each match. In all Association Matches (except the Short KO) the team result shall be determined by the points systems used by the National Federation of Anglers. Draw to commence 90 minutes prior to match starting time. A Ladies Competition and a Children’s Competition shall be run each season, and will be run in accordance to the rules laid down by the Competition Secretary on the day of the matches concerned, and not to be bound by the rules listed herein. A Roach Shield will be presented to the captor of the best roach (in excess of 1lb) caught in any Association match (other than the Short KO)

10. All Association waters, except Iffley Backwater, the first field at Clifton Hampden, Port Meadow and the Sunnymead Recreation Ground will be used for Association matches before venues outside the control of the Association are used.

11. Any stewards on Association matches shall receive a fee in respect of their service.

12. Competitors are responsible for ensuring that their peg is clear of litter and no competitor may have his catch weighed in who has litter lying on the banks of his swim. Any angler leaving litter at his peg shall be disqualified. This includes peg numbers.

13. All species to count with the exception of game fish and pike.

14. Interpretations of the above rules or any ruling made on any aspect of any match shall be made by the competition sub-committee. These rulings will be final.

15. ODAA Junior and Ladies Competition will be held on the same date and venue.

16. Match times are as follows: Individual Matches: 9am to 2pm. Team Matches: 9am to 2pm. September onwards 10am to 3pm.

17. Fish finding devices shall not be used in any match

18. Association Matches

Individual Matches Team Matches Ladies Match
City Supporters Cup Benevolent Cup (Team of 6)   Sonja Heskith Trophy
Bustin Trophy Oxford Mail Cup (Teams of 4)   
Walt Bradbury Cup Association Shield (Teams of 8)   
George Greenwood Shield  Westbury Cup (Teams of 4)   
Bridgewater Cup  Medley Cup (Teams of 4)   
  John Wilkins Trophy Pairs